Who to Contact

Neighborhood Association

Postal Mailing Address:

Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 21184

St. Petersburg, FL 33742-1184

Join Us! Membership:

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Marlene Murray, (President)   CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL Marlene

Phone: 727-527-0366

Nancy Piseco, Vice President
Sybil Crocetti, Secretary/Treasurer
Dolores Singleton, Director
Leo Murray, Director
Sumi Fink, Director
Linda Elliott, Director

Government and Utilities

City Council Member - Darden Rice

Darden Rice represents Meadowlawn and the rest of our surrounding area, District 4.  You can call her at 727-551-3305 or send her e-mail by visiting her official city contact page here.

Our Mayor - Rick Kriseman

 You can call his office at 893-7201 or visit the Mayor's webpage to get an introduction to city services and their action online.

City Services

Photo with Link to St. Petersbug Action Online

Other Handy Contacts

Power: Progress Energy

Their website is here and has a number of different contact points depending on your requirements.  The general customer support phone number is 800 228-8485.

Cable: Brighthouse Or Verizon

Brighthouse's phone number is 727-329-5020 and their website is here,

Verizon's phone number is 800-837-4960 and their website is here.

Supervisor of Elections

Register to vote, find your precinct, request a mail ballot or get information on current elections from the Supervisor of Elections website.

Additional Elected Officials


Representative Ben Diamond - District 68 (Click Here to Contact)

Senator Jeff Brandes, District 22 (Click Here to Contact)


Representative Charlie Crist, House District 13 (Click Here to Contact)

Senator Bill Nelson (Click Here to Contact)
Senator Marco Rubio (Click Here to Contact)